Getting In Touch With God

Beam of sunglight falling on a mountain lake through a cloudy skyHello dear reader! Fancy seeing you here! It has been a while since I last wrote, I know.

This is going to be a post about what I’ve been up to over the past few months. Events unfolding in the world have led me to grow closer to God. Communing with God, deriving strength through faith in God’s infinite wisdom, has rapidly become a foundation in my life. This article will explore why and how that has happened.

First I’ll talk about why I stepped away from writing for a few months.

Why I Took A Break From Writing

My last post on Explode Your Wealth was on June 14th, 2020. At the time of this writing that was more than 3 months ago.

Solitude is essential for writing. For the last three months I have had little; I found my attention relentlessly diverted to other pursuits, namely, relationships.

The last 6 months found me in  Mexico City and Washington DC. During that time I was able to nurture important relationships with my mother, father, brother and close friends. However, my creative routine suffered.

Not having a dedicated space and time to create put tremendous strain on my creative output. I learned the value of having a personal space dedicated to creating in solitary peace and comfort.

Even though I have written nothing for Explode Your Wealth over the past 3 months, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been learning and growing. Now, as I have regained access to a personal space of peace and comfort where I can relax and focus on creating, I am ready to continue writing for the blog.

Now I’ll tell you about how I turned to God.

The Goings On In The World

It’s an exciting time. Lot’s has changed in the world over the last 6 months. I believe we are in the beginning phases of a massive shift in our collective consciousness. The signs are all around us, for those with eyes to see and ears to listen. It’s becoming increasingly important for us to come together and face our reality without flinching. Dark truths about our civilization which have long remained hidden to us are beginning to surface. More and more people are beginning to face the hard, ugly truth of our world.

It’ll be a difficult transition. Not everyone will accept the conclusions which the evidence overwhelmingly points to. Some will bury their heads in the dirt rather than face the glaring truth. Like ostriches.

Ostrich standing in a field of grass with its head hidden in the grass


Others, will be shocked by the cognitive dissonance resulting from holding conflicting ideas simultaneously in their minds; ideas about how they thought the world worked and how it actually works. And others yet, a growing minority, have been educating themselves on what has been going on in the shadows of our civilization. Now we can provide support to those who are ready to face the truth and shirk off their chains.

Because the reality of our world is that we have been conditioned by an unimaginably wealthy minority to be slaves. We have been convinced that safety is only achievable by surrendering our hard-earned freedoms. We have been made to believe that optimal health can only be achieved through an experimental medical procedure.

And people are beginning to wake up to the hidden machinations.

A Movement For Truth And Freedom

Why this conditioned slavery happened is not a question I can answer. How it happened is beyond the scope of this article; there are tomes written on the subject, but it doesn’t take a learned person to look around and conclude that as a people we have been systematically and gradually conditioned to surrender our freedoms.

The most recent power grab by our so-called “leaders” has been met with increasing resistance by the populous. As this struggle for power between the “leaders” and the people heats up, tension will increase – people will either choose to surrender their rights, or stand up for their freedoms.

I believe a worldwide movement for freedom and truth has begun.

Can You See It?

It doesn’t take sophisticated schooling to be able to see this. In fact, the most schooled individuals tend to be the most indoctrinated into slavery. School mostly teaches you to conform and follow orders; it teaches you to fear mistakes and to be afraid of new information which contradicts the models you’ve been indoctrinated to accept.

School closes the mind.

Asking questions opens the mind. Explode Your Wealth is all about helping you to open your heart and mind.

So now I ask a few questions:

  1. Is it in the medical and pharmaceutical industry’s interest to heal people? Why? Why not?
  2. Does closing businesses, mandating mask wearing and creating an atmosphere of fear help or harm people’s health?
  3. Does firing medical staff because they refuse to partake in an experimental medical procedure advance or detract public health?

Now I ask one final question. Are all of these measures being taken by governments worldwide for our health? If yes, how do they support our health? If no, what are they for, then?

Does pondering these questions make you uncomfortable? Good, it means you’re grappling with new ideas; you’re churning your brain to come to your own conclusions.

If you reject even thinking about the questions outright, then you’re better off leaving this website. A closed mind cannot be forced opened.

What Does It Take To See The Manipulation?

It takes a higher sensitivity of consciousness. It takes reclaiming your mind. It takes understanding what it means to be a happy, healthy human. No, more than that; it means being a happy and healthy human to be able to perceive the systems which have been erected to guide us into passive servitude; into unhappiness and ill health.

After all, if you don’t know what it means to be happy and healthy, how can you know when you’re being mislead regarding happiness and health? I am happy and healthy; I love my life and the people I share it with. I (mostly) do what I want when I want.

So I know what it looks like when someone or something tries to manipulate me into making choices which bring me unhappiness and ill health. I can then choose (very important word) how to respond to the manipulation. I can say “no thanks” and let it pass me by.

Being Happy And Healthy Are Choices We Make Every Day

I must write that while the system herds us into shackles, the one who ultimately chooses to become a slave is the individual. The system cannot make you a slave if you choose freedom. Because freedom begins in our hearts and minds.

A Two-Teared Society Is Forming

Injection needle with a droplet hanging from the tip

Rejecting slavery doesn’t always mean life becomes easy. The system will seem to reward those who willingly accept the golden handcuffs. Already we can see this happening as a two-tiered society forms in Asia and the rich west. The great dividing agent is an experimental medical procedure which is being forcefully imposed on the populace by private interests.

Those pesky people who refuse to comply with an experimental medical procedure are being systematically shunned from participating in society. Restaurants in France and New York City are now banning people from entering if they don’t present proof they’ve accepted the procedure. Healthcare workers are quiting their jobs rather than being forced to partake.

How does that help our health?

People Have A Divine Right To Choose What Goes Into Their Bodies, How And When

If a person chooses to not partake in a medical procedure then it becomes unconscionable for anyone to force them into it. Whether or not a medical procedure is safe and effective at accomplishing what it has been marketed to do is irrelevant. The individual is the fundamental unit of choice. “Society” is an abstract concept, useful when referring to groups of people, worse than useless when talking about choice.

Society can’t choose. Only individuals can.

Am I responsible for the health of another person? If your answer to that question is “yes” it means you now need to stop reading this article, run outside and start knocking cigarettes and alcoholic drinks out of people’s hands. Since you believe their health is your responsibility, you must ensure they are always safe.

You’ll be a hit at parties.

The previous analogy is imperfect. It can be argued that while people can choose whether they drink or smoke (can they?), people can’t choose whether they are at risk of dying from the virus. Since they can’t choose, it’s up to society to choose for them. Bring in the mandates!

Hold On A Second…

There’s two counterpoints to that. First, people have more control over their health than they’ve been led to believe. Proper nutrition, exercise, getting enough sunlight and social contact are crucial to our heatlh.  If someone makes poor health choices, how can I be held accountable for someone else’s poor choices?

I can’t be. Otherwise the law wouldn’t work. We are responsible for own own choices, no one else is.

What if the vulnerable person couldn’t ever choose better because their condition is congenital?

Well, we need to check our basic assumptions. Most importantly, do the blanket lockdowns and mandates work to reduce deaths from infection?

According to some of the top epidemiologists and public health scientists, the blanket mandates do more harm than good. They argue that Focused Protection (protecting the vulnerable populations) would be much more effective than locking the world down and forcing an injection on the global population. In October 4th, 2020, nearly 60,000 experts came together and siged a document named The Great Barrington Declaration advocating for Focused Protection.

Also, according to Johns Hopkins University itself, if you get the virus in the United States you have a 98.4% chance of survival. In Canada and the United Kingdom it’s 98.3%. These figures includes people with commorbidities (underlying conditions).

Why are governments making such a big deal of such a small thing? Why are the measures being taken so draconian while accomplishing so little?

Could it be that the measures have nothing to do with health?

Where Do We Draw The Line?

If a person does not have the right to choose whether or not to partake in an experimental medical procedure, what freedoms does that person have left? What happens when the public and private institutions which set the rules in our civilization openly embrace medical tyranny? How will the people respond?

We’re going to find out.

Yes, it will be a difficult time for those people who refuse to bend the knee. Doors are going to be shut. Relationships are going to be damaged.

I believe this is a test. God is at work. We are being sorted. We can choose to comply or we can choose to say no. We can comply as our businesses are forced to close, our children are abused with masks and our ability to freely transit the world is further restricted.

When will it end?

Or we can say no, enough is enough.

God is making us choose. Who accepts God and who doesn’t.

How Does God Come Into This?

We are all children of God. As such, we have God-given Rights. These rights cannot be taken away from us; not by the government nor by pharmaceutical corporations, nor by anyone else who claims to have the power to do so. These Rights cannot be taken away from us because God gave them to us. They cannot be taken away, but they can be given away.

When we turn away from God, we surrender our rights. Why?

When we accept God, when we accept that we are each a child of God; divine, sovereign beings incarnated on this plane of reality for the purpose of remembering our divine loving origins, we refuse to accept anything which betrays the love God has for us.

Image of a man with a tatooed back facing away standing waist deep in a body of water with a halo around his head in front of a dark blue sky


We refuse mind-killing alcohol, we refuse cheap, mind-numbing entertainment, we refuse shallow, vacuous relationships and we refuse boring, repetitive, jobs we don’t like.

And we refuse experimental medical treatments we don’t want.

When we accept that God loves us we accept only the best this world has to offer. Only. The. Best.

Medical tyranny is not the best. It’s crap.

How To Start Being Happy, Healthy And Wealthy

Want to know how to live a happy, healthy, wealthy life? Accept only the best for yourself. Accept only the best choices. It might seem hard at first, but with time and consistency it becomes easier and God begins rewarding you in spades for living to honor God.

It’s unsurprising that so many people in our civilization are poor and unhealthy. They don’t accept the best for themselves. The make low choices, because they believe in their hearts and minds they are meant to be low.

But that’s not true. God made us for greatness. It’s up to each of us to realize that, no one can show it to us. The system enslaves us by convincing us that we are meant for less than what God made us for.

God made us to live joyful, healthy and free lives. We can only do so if we believe we are worthy, by accepting God’s love for us.

And because we each have free will, we are free to believe whatever we want to believe.

But the truth remains. God is real. We are all God’s children. Only when we accept this, consciously or unconsciously, will be refuse to comply with anything which betrays God’s love for us.

How I Turned Towards God

In 2017 I was an atheist. I rejected the existence of God. I had gone to school and studied science. I believed I knew things. I believed we were all here by chance, that we were each separate specks of humanity, drifting through an endless void; that our awareness was the ephemeral middle point between nothing and forever.

Because I believed that, I believed my choices were meaningless, so it, although I plan to didn’t matter what I chose. I believed I could drink, carouse, fornicate and lie without consequence. “Since we’re all random molecular fluctuations, here for such a short time, why not live for pleasure?” I asked myself.

Then something happened. God showed me that my choices had consequences in the most poignant way God could. I then began to examine why I had made the choices I had. I began to read, to question the things I had been taught about the universe. This blog is the result of that process of exploration.

How My Choices Led Me To God

Then, as I began to see that things in our universe were not as I believed, I began to make different choices. Choices which ever so subtly turned me towards God.

No one evangelized me. I haven’t even read the Bible, although I plan to. I didn’t (and as of now don’t) go to church. I just began making different choices. One of those choices was meditating regularly. The meditation technique I follow is utterly secular, there is no mention of God.

Then, one day in the summer of 2019, I realized I had begun accepting God’s love. I just felt it. Science and meditation both played crucial rolls in directing me towards God. Werner Heisenberg, one of the founders of quantum mechanics, said:

“The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”

Science has proven that a universal observer exists; an all-seeing cosmic consciousness that is everything and nothing.

To me, God is an all-seeing superconsciousness which is all that was, is and ever will be. God is everything; what we perceive with our senses and what we don’t. Every thought we have comes from God and is about God. We are all a different face of God, cells in God’s body, each a part of a whole; seemingly different, but one and the same fundamentally. I caution you, describing God in words is impossible. God is beyond our human words.

To Be Part Of A Whole

As I began to accept that I was part of something much much greater than I was, I began to see my choices under a different light. Meaning sprang to life within each choice. For I was no longer a random fluctuation in an uncaring universe, but a part of a whole, with a purpose, in which each of my choices spread throughout the entire whole.

I began treating people differently. Not as competitors, which is what I had learned to do at school. But as incarnated divine beings, children of God, sharing this time on this plane with me; each person infinitely worthy of my love.

I began to understand that each of my choices would change the way the world treated me. I began treating the world differently. And as I did so, the world began treating me differently.

By no means am I an all-loving, infinitely patient saint. Far from it. I am imperfect and will continue to be so for as long as I live.

But I am remembering more and more what it’s like to love God and be loved by God, to love life.

And the last few months have been instrumental in this.

How The Last Few Months Have Drawn Me Closer To God

A few months ago, before I stopped writing, I was terrified of the direction our civilization was moving in. Governments and corporations were convincing people to give up more and more of their freedoms in the name of safety. And most people were going along with it!

“If the government can convince us to surrender our freedom in the name of an emergency, what’s to stop the government from creating an emergency to convince us to give up our freedom (and increase its power)?” I asked. I also asked myself “Can’t people see what’s happening? Don’t people care about their and their children’s freedoms?

For as long as our civilization has existed, tyranny, not liberty, has been the norm. Human beings take our freedom for granted; seeing people so readily give up the freedoms our ancestors died for chilled me to the bone.

I couldn’t stop consuming news, trying to reach a kernel of truth, something, anything that told me that everything was going to be alright.

I didn’t find it.

I became depressed. I had nightmares. I began suspecting we were living in hell, and that we had all been sent here to pay for our sins.

Image of George Orwell's "1984"

I was terrified because I imagined humanity inhabiting George Orwell’s “1984”, in which the government has complete control over it’s citizen’s lives. In many ways we already were.

Feeling powerless, confused, hopeless and defeated, I did something I had rarely done before.

I prayed.

I linked my hands, brought them to my forehead, closed my eyes, inclined my head in humility and prayed to God for our salvation. I surrendered to a power infinitely greater than mine. I accepted I couldn’t do this without God, that I needed help.

And God Answered

Not as a voice in my head, but as a state of being; an acceptance that God was at work and everything would be alright. That even though I didn’t understand it, God was working. That even though the result of God’s work might not be what I expected, God was working. And God always works for our good.

Even through wars, starvation and disease, God is working. God works through us and for us. We co-create this universe with God through each of our choices. We won’t always understand what we co-create, but we are always able to choose how we respond to it.

We can choose to serve others or serve ourselves. Together with God we will create exactly what we need to experience to evolve our consciousness.

I felt at peace, for the first time since the mandates for the forced medical procedure had started. I had found my answer, my kernel of truth – not in the work of any fallible human being, but in the love of the Higher Power that rules over all of us.

Prayer Is A Habit

I’ve since made praying in the morning and the evening a habit. It reaffirms my connection to The Creator, it gives me an unshakable foundation to stand on, to face the world with grace and faith in the will of God.

Four years ago I never would have thought I’d write an article like this. Even now, I’m surprised these words sprung forth from my heart. I turned towards God when I couldn’t face the world anymore. God lifted me up. God worked for my good, through my choices.

It’s how God is working through all of us, through each of our choices.

It’s in the dark when the light of God, our light, shines brightest.

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