We Are One Life – Act Like It!

Graphic of a tree growing out of planet earthHumanity is going through a collective evolution. We are leaving behind our childish ego-centered perspective and stepping into young adulthood. This is why we are seeing such chaos in the world; old systems of control are falling apart. We are collectively recognizing that our imaginary divisions are far less important than what we have in common: we are one life.

This article is going to share some of the mind-expanding perspectives which are being voiced today regarding consciousness. Science is demonstrating what ancient spiritual teachings have recognized for millennia: the universe is spiritual and all life emerges from one source, one life.

Scientific evidence is amassing in favor of the unified nature of reality. What I write about in this article is but a microscopic fraction of the work being done by dedicated scientists all over the world. Any mistake is my own.

Listen To The Words Of Vandana Shiva

Please watch this 12-minute video of Vandana Shiva. Dr. Shiva is an Indian physicist and a social activist. She received her PhD in philosophy of physics from the University of Western Ontario. Her dissertation was titled “Hidden variables and loccality in quantum theory”. Today, she is an eco-activist, speaking truth to the most powerful agricultural companies in the world, Monstanto (now Bayer).

Some parts of the video may have been confusing to a person who is unfamiliar with quantum physics. Here I will break down some of Vandana’s statements as best as I can. The video’s message is profound, and I believe it’s imperative that more people become aware of the science which is confirming that we are all one entity. Not separate from each other or the universe, but unified with each other and all that is.

“The Way You Design The World In Your Mind Is The Way You Relate To It”

Many of my articles contain express this same message in different words. The way I say it is “All of our actions are in line with our beliefs.” If we believe the world is dead matter only there to be exploited by us, then we will treat the world as such. If we believe we the world is alive and that we are one with it, we will care for it as if it were ourselves.

For example, if a person believes that he is separate from the universe, including the rest of humanity, he will have no trouble in taking advantage of others for his profit. Since others are separate from him, his actions will solely be of benefit to him.

But, if a person believes that he is connected with all that is, including all other humans, he understands that hurting others means hurting himself. He understands that profiting from the suffering of others is no profit at all. It’s a loss. Since what happens to others happens to him.

It turns out that the second person’s beliefs are aligned with way the universe actually works. Everything is interconnected. Every action we perform unto others we are performing on ourselves. The same applies to every word and every thought.

Every thought we have of others is actually about ourselves.

What are your thoughts of others like?

“Non-Locality, Non-Separation, Interconnectedness, That Is The Nature Of Reality”

Non-locality means not confined to a place (not local). All of our actions are non-local. This is because every one of our actions has far-reaching consequences of which we cannot possibly be aware. For example, what happens if we say something kind to a person on the street? That person will feel good and every person he encounters will experience the goodness that he feels. And so on and so forth.

Non-separation means we aren’t separate. It means that what we perceive as separate; the trees, the animals, other people, is actually not separate at all. It’s the same thing. It’s us. The separation is an illusion. According to Buddhism, we are here to awaken from this illusion of separation. To awaken to the unified truth of the universe.

Interconnectedness means we are all linked. Native Americans have the belief that all life is part of a web, the Web of Life. Countless strands link every individual plant, fungus, insect and human to every other individual on the planet. There is no master in the web of life. Any attempt at conquering the web, like humans have been attempting to do, will result in the would-be conqueror enslaving himself.

All of these ideas have been confirmed by quantum physics. Non-locality, non-separation and interconnectedness starts at the subatomic level. The universe is one thing, as far as our best experiments and observations can tell.

“In The Quantum World There Is No Separability”

I’m going to do my best to explain this statement.

The word “quantum” means “a minimum amount of an entity involved in an interaction.” This isn’t as difficult to understand as it appears to be. For example, a molecule of H2O is a quantum of water; it is the minimum amount of water we can have.

Whenever you hear the word “quantum” you can be certain that what’s being talked about are the particles which make up the universe: electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms and molecules.

In junior high I was taught that these particles have a solidity to them. That they were little bits of matter which moved around, bumped into and combined with each other, and so created everything we experience.

Then in college I learned that wasn’t the entire story. I learned that the smaller a particle is, the more likely it is to behave like a wave.

This As Mind Blowing!

How can a particle, a bit of matter, behave like a wave? How can it be both?

A particle is discrete, it occupies space and time. A wave is non-local (there’s that word again).

Picture a wave in the ocean. Where is the wave? Can you point to a certain part of a wave and say “This is the wave!”?

Ocean wave

No, you can’t. Because the wave is non-local.

There is no place where the wave starts or ends. The wave is a momentary expression of the whole ocean.

The whole ocean.

It turns out that particles, like electrons, can behave both as solid matter AND as a wave. This is known as wave-particle duality. It has baffled scientists for nearly a century.

Please watch this video on the double-slit experiment to learn more about this:

The building blocks of our universe behave both as particles and as waves. We’re made up of the same stuff as the universe!

What does that mean for us?

It Means That “What Appears Different Is Actually Different Expressions Of An Interconnected Reality”

If matter and waves are two different expressions of one thing, then what is that one thing?

Carlo Rovelli, one of the leading physicists of our time, wrote a popular science book named “Reality Is Not What It Seems”. In it he writes that physics is converging on the idea that the universe, including you, me and everything we know, is the result of vibrations of a unified quantum field.

You can see it this way. The unified quantum field is the ocean; everything in the universe is a vibration (wave) of that ocean.

Turquoise water waves seen from above


We are each an expression of an underlying, unified reality. We are a wave in an ocean. A momentary expression of the ocean, not separate, but unified.

According to the book “The Holographic Universe” By Michael Talbot, it’s possible that our brain converts those vibrations into the objects we know and interact with in our lives. Everything is vibrations interpreted by our brain. It does this so that we can survive, reproduce and continue evolutionary process of life.

Can you imagine trying to do anything if all we perceived were vibrations? How would we live?

The brain decodes these vibrations and creates our reality so that we can go about our human business.

You are a wave in the ocean of reality, not separate from it, but one with it.

What does this mean for us as a species?

It Means Love Is The Answer

Since we are all one, and everything we do to another we are actually doing to ourselves, it means love is the only answer.

When we love someone we don’t judge them. We accept them as they are. We also don’t hurt them, lie to them, cheat them or take advantage of them in any way.

Love is the recognition of unity. It’s seeing ourselves in another. If we see another person as ourselves, How could we possibly hurt them?

It would be impossible for us. Because we understand that they are us and we are they.

And I’ll tell you something else. The universe is a conscious, living, supremely intelligent organism. There is a primordial, self-organizing force which directs the evolutionary journey of life.

When the universe recognizes that we open our hearts to love, it rewards us. It clears the way for us. By aligning with love we align with the universe entire. We go from acting as an isolated individual who seeks to exploit the universe, to being connected with all that is, honoring that unity and contributing to it in our unique way.

This is the magic of the universe. We are both individuals with free will and we are one with all that is. We are both particles and waves.

We can choose how we relate to the universe. Each of our choices will then be reflected by the universe back to us. Every one of our experiences is orchestrated by universal intelligence so we can learn and grow into love.

In Conclusion, Fear Less, Love More!

Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, wrote in his work “Timaeus dan Critias” that we are spiritual beings going through a human experience in order to learn love and wisdom. He arrived at this conclusion through the rigorous application of logic to what he observed.

Plato also notes that our biggest obstacle to enjoying life and learning the lessons we’re here to learn is fear.

It must be said that Plato is the foundational thinker of western thought. He was taught by Socrates. Aristotle was his student. We dismiss what he had to say at our peril.

We are more than meets the eye. We are transcendent beings who chose to incarnate in this universe so we may learn the lessons we need to learn.

And the biggest lesson of all is love.

Where do we go from here?

To our wealth and success.

Share the wealth!

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