Program Your Subconscious Mind For Wealth

Rolled American billsOur subconscious mind makes us or breaks us. It can carry us to the loftiest heights of achievements or cast us down into a pit of self-loathing. It’s running the show, while we do all the thinking. This article is going to teach you how to program your subconscious mind for wealth. I wish someone had told me these things earlier in life, so here I am writing it all out for you.

You will learn the prime importance of engineering an environment which promotes a wealth-focused subconscious. Everything contained in this article comes from research and personal experience. It works, and it’s easy to implement.

So read on if you feel this is something for you.

What Is The Subconscious Mind

I’ve written an article which talk about the subconscious mind. You can read it here:

The subconscious mind can be compared to a missile’s guidance system; it leads us where it has been programmed to go. Our subconscious mind is where our deepest beliefs reside. It can be seen as the source of our thoughts.

This is important, because many successful people maintain that the quality of our thoughts, our self-talk, determine whether we succeed in our endeavors

The Characteristics Of The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind has several characteristics which I repeatedly write about. They are:

  • It’s always awake and alert.
  • It’s responsible for 95% of our choices.
  • It communicates through images and feelings.
  • It’s much more powerful than our conscious mind.

Keep these characteristics in mind as you read the next parts of the article.

Once you understand that your subconscious mind is your personal guidance system and that you can program it, the final step is applying what you know. You have to program your subconscious mind and experience firsthand how powerful it is.

Once you’ve experienced that power, you will understand why it is essential to keep your subconscious mind programmed the way you want it. There are competing programs all over the world, directed by powerful economic forces, which want to install programs in our subconscious which disempower us (read this article for more on that).

We must ferociously guard our subconscious programming, if we want it to serve us as a tireless, faithful servant in the creation of our best life.

Now you will learn how to program your subconscious mind. There are two ways to program it, according to Dr. Bruce Lipton. They are:

  • Repetition
  • Hypnosis

Program The Subconscious Mind: Repetition

We become what we regularly do. Every one of our habits programs our subconscious mind. Yes, every one. This doesn’t only mean our eating habits and sleeping habits. It means everything we do programs our subconscious mind.

Remember that the subconscious mind is always awake and alert. It’s always watching what we do. It uses what we feed it to create beliefs about ourselves; our capabilities, interests and potential.

So everything we do programs our subconscious mind: every conversation we have, every movie we watch, every song we hear, every meme we see and every piece of news we read. It all programs us.

This is especially true for the language we use. You can tell a great deal about someone based on the language they use. Reactive language such as “I can’t”, “I need to” or “I have to” means reactive thoughts. Proactive language like “I can”, “I will”, or “I am going to” points to proactive thoughts.

The more reactive someone is the less freedom they have. The more proactive, the more freedom.

And the more we experience something, the deeper the programming. It’s no secret that repetition is a key to learning.

How I Apply This

I am a tireless guard regarding what I let into my life. I do this because I know everything I expose myself to repeatedly is going to program my subconscious mind. I look for the highest standards. The highest standards in food, books, music, people and places.

I naturally seek for, and find, the best I can find, in everything I do.

When you become aware that what you repeatedly experience programs you, you increase your standards.

Not only this, but you also start adding programming elements to your environment so you repeatedly experience them. For example:

  • I keep a note in my wallet which becomes visible every time I open it. On the note I have written out my goal in business. So every time I open my wallet I see the note. That’s me programming my subconscious to get after my goal.
  • I read and reread books on self-improvement, business and psychology. There’s one book I’ve read six times! Every time I repeat the action I program my subconscious more deeply. I embody the knowledge in the book. Want to acquire some of the genius of an author? Read and reread their work. It will program your subconscious to see the world the way they do.
  • I use Pinterest and Instagram to consume content which programs my subconscious for wealth. Wisely used, technology gives us tremendous power. I follow people who create content regarding wealth creation, entrepreneurship, investment, self-improvement and spirituality. Every time I open either of those platforms I get a flood of new content which I leisurely read. Every time I do this I am programming my subconscious mind.

This gets me closer to my heart’s desire: freedom.

What is it that you want? You can use these practices to start programming your subconscious mind, today!

Our Environment Programs Us

Our culture has taught us that we need to work hard and use a lot of force to make things happen. That’s what I call “the burnout approach.” Push as hard as you can, as long as you can and hope for the best.

It’s silly. It leads to exhaustion, frustration and early death.

It’s more effective to take a relaxed attitude towards most things in life. This also applies to wealth creation. When we’re relaxed we learn more and have better ideas.

We flow.

Fox sleeping on a wooden surface with its tongue showing slighlty


By repeatedly exposing ourselves to something, we become that something. There is no need to force anything. In fact, when we force things they usually don’t work. Ever tried to force a romantic relationship? (hint: it won’t work). The same applies to our relationship with wealth, health and success.

Life can be lived elegantly. And taking control of our subconscious programming is the most elegant way of enacting change.

Remember, where focus goes energy flows.

For example, where will your energy go if you focus your attention on reading about starting a business? It will go towards starting a business! This happens naturally and effortlessly.

So read books, over and over again (if you like the book, of course).

The same thing would happen if you hang out with entrepreneurs. By hanging out with entrepreneurs, your subconscious mind will be programmed to think like them. When I was an employee, I had one friend who was an entrepreneur. Since I became an entrepreneur that number has gone up to four and we all have something in common:

We treasure freedom.

So if you want to be an entrepreneur, watch videos made by successful entrepreneurs, join forums, read entrepreneurial magazines. Immerse yourself in the environment. The more you do that the more you will become it.

The Trial Of Patience

The thing that trips people up is impatience. It takes time to program our subconscious mind. When we get impatient we get anxious and start throwing sand in the gears of our subconscious. So we give up or make silly mistakes. Then we begin to believe we’re not capable of achieving what we want.

How are we programming our subconscious when we start doubting ourselves? Good things take time. Allow your experience to flow. Fear is the biggest obstacle to success. The only way to overcome is to face it. We can also turn fear into a friend. We do that by recognizing we are feeling fear and following it. Fear tells us we’re doing something new.

Of course, don’t do this if you’re feeling fear while facing down a jaguar or other deadly animal. For more on how to escape a jaguar attack you can read this WikiHow article (spoiler: don’t try to kick an attacking jaguar in the eye, it’s better to use your fist).

Image of the head of a jaguar in sepia tones


Now on to the second way to program the subconscious

Program The Subconscious Mind: Hypnosis

I have written an article about how hypnosis therapy helped me, you can read it here:

I didn’t used to believe in hypnosis. I thought it was a scam. But it isn’t, it works to treat all sorts of medical conditions. So if it works for health, it works for wealth.

The more relaxed you are when you practice hypnosis, the better it works.

Remember how the subconscious mind communicates with us through images and feelings? Well, we can communicate with it in the same way, with images and feelings. You can read about how to do that yourself in these articles:

I Used (And Still Do) A Hypnosis Program

What a hypnosis program does is guide you through the process of programming your subconscious. This is supremely useful for beginners like myself. Having someone guide me through the process of communicating with my subconscious mind was a breakthrough for me.

Immediately after I started using the Reprogram.ME hypnosis for wealth I became more productive, more relaxed and I actually made money. And I knew I had made that money thanks to the hypnosis program, because I could tell my money choices were changing for the better.

That’s how hypnosis works, it programs your subconscious so you make the choices you need to make to achieve your goals. If you’re an elite athlete and you want to up your game, hypnosis could help you by making your choices to train easier. Some athletes who have used hypnosis are Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan.

Please note that hypnosis will not take a regular person and turn them into an elite athlete. It allows us to tap into more of our potential. We still need to do the work.

So if our subconscious can be programmed, why not program it to take us to wealth? There’s no rule against it, last I checked.

Repetition Is Key

The subconscious mind is always being programmed. So if we want to keep it programmed how we want it we have to repeatedly do so.

We must program ourselves for success and wealth every day. It’s not enough to do it once and forget about it. That’s another thing people miss.

I hypnotize myself for wealth almost every day. I also read books which make me feel abundant and consume digital content that makes me feel empowered.

Those feelings are how I communicate to my subconscious. See how this works?

Most People Allow Their Subconscious To Be Programmed For Them

Why are so many people poor? Because they’ve allowed themselves to be programmed to be poor. They keep their subconscious mind tuned to poverty by watching inane shows, listening to immature and aggressive music and hanging out with other poor people.

There’s a difference between being broke and being poor. Being broke means you have no money. Poverty is a spiritual condition. You can be broke and feel rich; you can trust in your ability to create the life you want and become rich.

You can have money and be poor; you can live in fear and scarcity and stagnate.

Being poor is a more serious condition than being broke.

Our subconscious mind does the job of taking us where we look. It doesn’t matter if it’s poverty or riches, our subconscious just takes us there.

So the rule is: Garbage in, garbage out. Wealth in, wealth out.

=>Check out this powerful tool I use to hypnotize myself for wealth!

Your Subconscious Mind Is Your Faithful Servant, Use It Wisely

I hope this article got you to appreciate the power of your subconscious mind. I now invite you to implement what you’ve learned!

Start now.

What do you want to achieve? Make sure it’s a concrete, measurable goal. Write it down on a piece of paper and store it somewhere you’ll see it often, like your wallet, bag or backpack. Then, just leave it there. Every time you see it, you will program your subconscious. How cool is that?

I started this website to empower my readers. No matter what our life circumstances are, we have options available to us. We all want the best for ourselves in life, but most of us don’t know what choices to make to get us there. That’s what this website is for! To show people what choices they can make to create happy, healthy, wealthy and all-around successful lives for themselves.

So get out there and engineer your environment to program you to achieve your goals! You’ll be so glad you did.

To our wealth and success.

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