Does Hypnosis Therapy Work? It Did For Me!

This article seeks to broadly answer the question “Does hypnosis therapy work?” I will discuss my personal experience with hypnosis therapy; how I came about discovering it, why I used it and how it helped me. I used the Reprogram.ME Wealth Hypnosis Audio, which I review at the end of the article.

This article is not meant to be a professional review, simply a sharing of my experience with hypnosis therapy.

I invite you to discover what hypnosis therapy did for me and what it can do for you!

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How I Came To Use Hypnosis Therapy

For the reader who is new to the concept of hypnosis I recommend reading my article Hypnosis For Wealth And Abundance – Condition Yourself For Wealth”. In it I write about my first encounter with hypnosis and the basic, layman reasoning behind how and why it works.

After my first encounter with hypnosis in college, I didn’t encounter it again until my late twenties. It came in the form of a meditation practice designed by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

One afternoon while I was perusing a bookstore in Mexico City I came across the book “Becoming Supernatural” by Dr. Dispenza. I had no idea who Dr. Dispenza was or what he did, but the book immediately caught my eye. After perusing it for a few minutes I decided it contained knowledge which would be greatly beneficial to me, so I bought it and took it home.

At home, I read the book and became enthralled with the wealth of evidence it presents regarding the power our mind and emotions have over our life circumstances. The book scientifically describes the cycle of thoughts and feelings which keep us locked into our life circumstances, regardless of whether these are healthy or not for us. I resonated deeply with the material and eagerly began practicing one of the meditations described in the book. It was called “Tuning In To New Potentials.

The meditation consists of relaxing for as long as you want while envisioning something you want to experience in your life; it could be a new job, relationship or financial situation. You’re supposed to ground yourself in your body’s experience and invoke the emotions you would experience if the situation were already present in your life. This conditions your body to living in the future you want; so you end up creating it through the power of your unconscious choices.

Which is hypnosis. I was hypnotizing myself into experiencing a reality of my choosing. Although I didn’t call it “hypnosis”, I called it “conditioning.”

The “Tuning In To New Potentials” meditation quickly became a habit I practiced every weekday morning for about fifteen to twenty minutes. After a few weeks, I began noticing that my attitudes throughout my days positively shifted and I was able to remain more focused on my goals than I had been before I practiced the meditation. If I ever missed the meditation, I felt its absence throughout my day in the form of slightly lower focus and energy, so I consistently practiced it. The difference wasn’t intense, but it was enough to keep me practicing it regularly.

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I practiced the meditation for about nine months. During that time I made big strides towards achieving my goals, slowly but surely inching my way there. But nothing “big” had yet happened. No meaningful change in my employment or financial situation manifested; those remained the same throughout the nine months. Meaning that, while I felt the meditation (along with other changes in my life) were empowering me, I was still floundering in insecurity over my choices.

A small part of me still felt as though I had made the wrong choices in life. This feeling, which has been my constant companion for my entire adult life, didn’t stop me from facing my fears and moving forward with creating the life of my dreams. But it did cause me to constantly second-guess myself. And when we second guess ourselves we weaken our chances of manifesting the changes we want in life. Instead of going fully into our lives we go half into it, or three quarters into it. Which means change is a no go.

We have to be all-in for change, or else it doesn’t stick.

In other words, our faith in ourselves and our choices must be unshakable if we are to create the life of our dreams. There is no middle ground, in my experience. You either have full faith in your success, or you don’t. Until you have full faith in your ability to live your dreams they will remain just out of reach. If you identify with my story, don’t sweat it. There are tried-and-true methods to develop full faith in yourself.

I knew that. But no matter how dedicated I was with my “Tuning In To New Potentials” meditation, I was not able to generate the feeling of “full faith.” I had definitely improved my faith in myself. But it was not yet unshakable.

So I kept practicing, working towards that unshakable faith.

Then Hypnosis Therapy Found Me

A couple of months ago I was looking through my inbox when I found an email with a link to a free hypnosis sample from Reprogram.ME. The email claimed that by listening to the sample you could reprogram your mindset; clear out the self-limiting beliefs you have and replace them with empowering new attitudes which serve you rather than hinder you.

I had read many books about the power of the subconscious mind, so I knew that it is the part of us which is really running the show. If you want to change your life circumstances your unconscious mind has to be on your side.

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So I signed up for the sample a the Reprogram.ME website. Received it and tried it out.

I immediately noticed a difference. It was such a big difference that I used the sample twice a day for three days before I bought the full program.

The Reprogram.ME Wealth Experience – What Happened?

A lot happened. And it all took place within me.


Immediately after beginning the program I felt more relaxed. That small part of me which felt like I had made the wrong choices in life? For the first time in a long time it calmed down, allowed me to stop stressing out over my financial future and just chill out, while still working towards my goals. My energy skyrocketed, because I was no longer second- guessing myself and worrying. I developed eagle-like focus, and began working tirelessly and effortlessly. Choices which were hard for me before became second nature. Choices like applying for jobs or learning new ways to make money or eating more healthful foods became easier.

My subconscious mind began believing I deserve the best. Because of that I began making the best choices for myself.

And my faith in myself? It became a rock, unshakable. Most of, if not all, the second-guessing and worrying has dissolved away. Now I make choices which I know, fully know, are the rights ones for me. Just that feeling is priceless, in my opinion. The feeling of knowing that you’re on the right track, so you can focus on what matters most and bring out the best you have to offer in service to the world.

What about results? Well, there were results while I was going through the program and there continue to be now.

For example, while completing the program I was offered a teaching job in Shanghai, China. This was after months of searching for a job unsuccessfully. I was also offered some temporary work online. This website is a direct result of my using the program.

And I know there are many more results to come. Because I now have full faith in myself.

How The Program Works

The program consists of four structured steps spread out over four weeks. It uses well-established psychological techniques as well as cutting-edge methods to reprogram your subconscious mind for abundance.

All you have to do is sit back, relax and listen to it a couple of times a week for a month. As the program progresses it guides you in healing different facets of your subconscious mind. The end result is a complete overhaul of your unconscious beliefs regarding money and success.

I cried during one of the sessions. The pressure and judgment I put on myself had been so great and I had carried it for so long that when the program guided me in letting go of it tears came to my eyes. I felt so relieved!

In my experience, the program works superbly, if you allow it to.

You can find the program here. Check it out, give it a shot. Allow yourself to try new things. It’s only by doing new things that we get new results. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To your wealth and success.

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6 thoughts on “Does Hypnosis Therapy Work? It Did For Me!”

  1. Yes, yes, yes. I can confirm that this works. I have tried it before and the result is mind blogging. Thank you for this, I also added more knowledge to what I already know. Although It has been a while since I tried it, reading this has given me the energy to start again. Thank you so much.

  2. When I was 12 years of age I learned about subconscious and conscious thoughts . See for I just lost my mother she was my life. She tought me real faith in God myself and those close to me.A short time later my father past and I was lost for a time. Then I was interduced to meditation by a child doctor . He talked alot of life circumstances and what is just is how you look at it is how it counts. All of that together is what keep me going. My folks tought me to have a bright outlook on live. and that is what keeps me going. I set my own goals and stick to them know matter how long they take. I lost several family members in the next year but knew one thing God ; good people and friends; and family is allways here.

    • Sounds like you’ve been through some challenging times, Herbert. That’s OK.
      Challenges make us strong, when we face them head on.
      It also always helps to stick close to family and friends 🙂

  3. well my answer is yes Hypnosis Therapy Works, i say this because i believe in science which says; hypnosis is a highly relaxed mental state, in which we bypass the critical mind.
    in other words, the mind is relaxed and ready to learn. i think this is really an interesting topic which i discussed with a friend today. nice work on this article. 


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