Scott Sonnon’s Six Degree Flow – An Honest Review

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Six Degree Flow, Product Overview

I wake up at five am throughout the week. I do this so that I can make time to exercise at the beginning of my day. I’ve learned that when I start the day with exercise, my mind is clearer and my body is more relaxed throughout, which means that my work comes easier and is of a higher quality. This translates into more wealth for me and those I love.

And I have learned, through years of personal experience, that starting the day with Scott Sonnon’s Six Degree Flow is the pinnacle of morning exercise.

Six Degree Flow is a system of movement. But it’s also much much more than that. It is a masterfully designed, comprehensive and restorative movement program which, when done properly and regularly, elegantly elevates overall quality of life. It does this by reestablishing “flow” in our lives. I will get into what flow is further into the review.

Most everyone I know could benefit from practicing Six Degree Flow. Whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete, Six Degree Flow has the potential to radically upgrade your performance and recovery. It can dissolve away persistent aches and pains; it can restore mobility and it can increase the suppleness of movement which is so characteristic of peak performance.

It does this by simultaneously addressing all aspects of performance; breath, structure and movement and unifying them in a coherent experience, or flow.

And it does it like nothing else currently available on the market. I highly recommend the product.

About The Creator, Scott Sonnon

Full disclosure, I’ve never met Scott Sonnon, but I’ve read his biography on multiple platforms and even read one of the scientific studies he has published. He has had a rich and varied career as an athlete, coach and professor of sports science. He has competed and won at the highest levels of performance in martial arts and has trained his athletes to do the same; he has spearheaded the “health-first” fitness revolution which seeks to fitness for life rather than just looking good or performing well in a sport. He argues that exercise is something that should energize you, rather than weaken you.

Scott Sonnon is an expert in the field of health-first fitness and regularly works with the military, law enforcement, fire rescue, mixed and traditional martial artists and gymnasiums worldwide. He is a sought-after public speaker and a published author. He is a member of the National Fitness Hall of Fame Museum, the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame and the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame.

His achievements speak for themselves.

Knowing all of this about him, it would be easy to assume that he started his life off as an athletic prodigy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Scott spent his youth crippled in pain and was labeled as “retarded” by his teachers due to his learning disabilities. His teachers believed and reinforced the idea that Scott would never amount to much of anything, academically or athletically.

These early challenges pushed Scott to overcome his limitations. But he had to be smart about it. Due to his debilitating condition, he couldn’t train as hard or as long as his contemporaries, so he instead focused on training smarter. This led him to develop and perfect Six Degree Flow – a way to train the body (and mind) while also recovering it. Instead of “pushing” yourself to fitness, which was what I learned to do, you “flow” into fitness. Like a river into the ocean.


What follows is my personal experience after two years of using the program.

How I Discovered Six Degree Flow

I spent most of my childhood indoors playing video games. Growing up, my mother insisted on sending me to karate class twice a week. I went because she forced me to do so, I never enjoyed it.

child playing video gamesI grew up living a mostly sedentary life. I sat all day at school and then I got home and sat all day in front of a screen. I was skinny and unathletic. Whenever I found myself in any situation which necessitated physical strength or hand-eye coordination I would experience pangs of anxiety which led me to muck up any competitive situation. This further fueled my aversion to physical activity.

Fortunately, I joined a rowing club in college and made great friends who showed me the value of exercising and having a lean and fit body. As I trained, my body changed, as well as my opinion regarding physical exercise. I became more confident and began perceiving physical fitness as a fundamental part of a healthy and happy life. Rowing in college changed everything for me.

But then I graduated. My friends and I went our separate ways. Slowly but surely, the health-conscious attitude I had developed in college withered away. Throughout my twenties I exercised sporadically. I would go hard for a few weeks, hurt myself, and then stop for months and months. I would pick things up again when I felt like I had been inactive too long. I believed this sporadic approach to exercise was enough to keep me fit. It wasn’t, of course, I was just thinking that to make myself feel better.

This continued throughout my twenties. Aside from practicing yoga for a year-and-a-half when I lived in Los Angeles, I was unable to stick with any fitness program I set for myself. Whether it was running or lifting weights, I would push myself too hard, hurt myself, become unmotivated and quit. Instead of exercise being a source of energy it was one of pain and hardship.

Does this sound like something that has happened to you? If it does, don’t worry, few of us are ever taught how to train the body and mind safely and consistently. I certainly didn’t know how, even after I rowed for three years in college. I had learned to always push myself as hard as I could, otherwise I wasn’t working hard enough.

This is a philosophy which is practiced in all aspects of modern life, especially work, encompassed by the statement “Go hard or go home.” If all we do is go hard we end up hurting ourselves. Always going hard is unsustainable. It leads to burnout. If you want to be effective, you need balance, you need to flow. Flow through training, work, relationships, life.

If you’ve never experienced flow, but want to, then I have some great news for you. Scott Sonnon’s Six Degree Flow is the best program in existence to reestablish flow in your life. No contest. He even helped establish the concept in sports science, he has published peer-reviewed papers on the subject. Men’s Health magazine proclaimed him as the creator of the world’s smartest workout.

Now on to the program’s nitty-gritty details…

First, What Is “Flow”?

I first encountered Scott Sonnon in a podcast called “ReWild Yourself” by Daniel Vitalis. In the podcast, Scott talks about the psychophysiological phenomenon known as “flow.” To put it very simply, flow is the state of optimum human living. It is that illusive, mystical state of being where thought falls away as we become completely immersed in the task at hand, be it writing, painting, running or playing music.

Flow is what is described by athletes, surgeons and musicians when they talk about being “in the zone.” It is a biochemical, physiological, psychological phenomenon which has been (and continues to be) rigorously studied. The field of “flow psychology” is dedicated to its study. Flow is the optimum, expert level of performance in any field.

Scott Sonnon claims that practicing Six Degree Flow activates the internal biochemical, neurological and psychological processes which bring about a state of flow. He has designed the program to specifically elicit these biochemical changes which enhance focus, quieten the mind and loosen up the body.

Second, What Are The “Six Degrees”?

“Six Degree” refers to the six degrees of freedom of movement available to the human body. The first three degrees are degrees of translation (moving along an axis). The human body can translate (move) by going:

  • 1 – Forwards and backwards
  • 2 – Sideways (left and right)
  • 3 – Up and down (by bending the knees)

The other three are degrees of rotation, where we rotate at the hips. We can rotate:

  • 4 – Forwards and backwards
  • 5 – From side to side (left and right, like a metronome)
  • 6 – Twisting left and right (like a corkscrew)

Combined, these are the six degrees of movement available to the human body.

“Six Degree Flow” refers to “flowing” through the “six degrees” of freedom available to us.

Scott claims that by practicing Six Degree Flow we can restore movement – flow – to our bodies. Scott believes that the experience of flow is a birthright for all humans and that it’s possible to restore it through proper practice.

In other words, by flowing when you exercise you allow yourself to flow when you work and when you play.

In my experience, this claim is resoundingly true. When I regularly practice Six Degree Flow, that elusive state of complete immersion in life occurs over and over again. I use my body to gently put myself in flow.

Six Degree Flow – Program Breakdown

Six degree flow product spreadWhen you buy the program you receive:

  1. A handbook
  2. 74 video technique tutorials
  3. 3 follow along video sessions
  4. 3 manuals
  5. Bonuses (complete flowfit DVD program, Prasara demo DVD, Ubinding Mobility Routine Video)

The handbook contains all of Scott Sonnon’s observations regarding flow and the human body. It’s not a science textbook, but it does go into some science on the myofascial system (myofascia is a “sweater” of connective tissue which envelops every bone, muscle, artery, vein and organ), flow and compensation. It is incredibly interesting, as it reveals the reasoning behind “how” and “why” Six Degree Flow (SDF) works. It’s a 26-page document complete with diagrams and pictures. It comes with a tentative schedule for doing SDF.

It also addresses what you should expect and how you should go about easing into the exercise routines. The exercises are safe to do and can be modified to fit individual fitness needs (Note: please consult with your medical team before you begin any new form of physical exercise)

The 74 video technique tutorials are short video descriptions of each exercise. The idea is that you start simply. As you progress through the session these simple exercises are “chained” together into a complex flow of movement.

The 3 follow along video sessions are the bread-and-butter of the program. In these, Scott Sonnon guides you through the individual exercises, progressing from one to the other and increasing the complexity as you go along. The final exercise is the full flow, the chaining of all the simple exercises into one complex, unbroken flow of movement. The videos last between 45 and 53 minutes. By the end of each of them you will feel as though you have run through a complete body workout.

The 3 manuals go through each of the flows in detail, breaking down each exercise and providing images and textual descriptions.

The bonuses are interesting, but I have mostly stuck with using the 3 flows, they provide more than enough material to work on and perfect.

All of the material is of professional quality. The only flaw I have found are the typos which occur throughout the handbook.

My Experience With Six Degree Flow

I have been practicing Six Degree Flow consistently for a couple of years now. I do flow three times a week, in the morning right after I wake up.

It has radically improved my life in every sense. And I’m not exaggerating. Here are some of the benefits you/I get from practicing flow:

  • Intensely enhanced focus – My life has “flow.” On the days I do SDF I can sit down to work at my laptop and hours pass by without my being aware of them. My work comes easy and it comes elegantly. And it’s of high quality. This alone is priceless.
  • Improved stress response – SDF is designed to challenge you, to gently place you at the edge of your physical and mental capabilities, so you can grow from the discomfort. Note that I wrote “discomfort” not “pain.” In exercise, we experience discomfort when we edge towards our limits, we experience pain when we do things with improper technique. Discomfort leads to growth, pain leads to injury. By experiencing slight physical discomfort regularly, you improve your response to all stress.
  • Better sleep – I have had trouble sleeping since I can remember. SDF hasn’t made my sleep perfect, but on the days I do it my body is more relaxed by the time I hit the sack and I can get to sleep easier. Which brings us to the next benefit…
  • I’m more relaxed – SDF works by unifying our breath and movement in the performance of complex structures. By stressing the body it invites you to breathe deeply and smoothly. Our breath determines our level of arousal, by taking hold of our breath and linking it to movement (like through yoga) we quieten the mind and relax the body. Relaxed effort always produces better results than tense effort!
  • Improved fitness – I have been doing Flow consistently for two years. And I intend to do it for the rest of my life. I went from being flaky in my exercise to sticking to a workout and performing it regularly week after week. Why? Because I can feel the benefits and I can see them in the mirror. I know that by doing SDF I enhance my entire life. Because I can feel the benefits, I keep coming back session after session.
  • I exercise anywhere – I don’t need a gym. I don’t need a trainer. I don’t need anything except shorts and my laptop (and I don’t even need the laptop anymore, since I know all the sequences by heart). No matter where I am, I can exercise. Very few things can disturb my exercise regime now.
  • There’s no limit to how much you can improve – After two years I still find areas where I can improve. Far from SDF becoming boring, I am challenging myself to become the best I can at it.
  • Old pain I had vanished -SDF is therapeutic. I had been living with pain in my right tricep ever since college, I couldn’t reach my arm around my neck, it was so stiff. I believed I was going to live with the pain until I either died or had surgery. After doing SDF for a few months it went away. My body is pain free and I can do any activity I want without fear of hurting myself.
  • I look and feel younger – “You are as young as your movement.” Since I regularly move my body through all six degrees of freedom I continually lubricate all of my joints and stimulate the neurophisiological pathways that only complexity can achieve. Science shows that aging is a loss of complexity; as people get older they stop seeing friends, going on adventures, learning and doing new things. This is a powerful cause of aging. Humans have evolved to discover new things every day and to challenge their minds and bodies regularly. When we stop doing that we decay. By practicing SDF I ensure my body gets the “movement nutrition” it needs to stay young, supple and powerful.

These are some of the most salient benefits I have experienced from doing SDF. You’ll experience them and more when you practice it.

What It Costs You

The program costs 117 USD. In my opinion, it is one of the BEST investments you can ever make. I know it was for me.

There’s a reason Scott Sonnon has been so successful; because his stuff works superbly. He has meticulously studied elite performance. He has performed at the highest levels and taught others to do the same thing. He has refined this program through years of trial and error and we’re lucky that we live in the age of the internet so we can take advantage of it for such a low cost.

In time and commitment, the program costs you three hours a week. That is three hours for all the benefits I wrote about above. Your body and mind are your most important assets. Invest in them! If you want to be wealthy, you need to invest in yourself. Invest time in your physical and mental health, your education, your compassion and your skills. Ben Franklin said “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Learning and mastering Six Degree Flow is an investment in physical knowledge. Knowledge always pays the best dividends.

In physical discomfort, the program costs as much as you want it to. Like any other skill it takes time to master. You can challenge yourself as much or as little as you want with it. You can go at your own pace. When I first started I took several breaks throughout each session. In fact, I still do. It’s a challenging workout, if you want it to be.

What It Pays

A greater quality of life, in every sense. This is priceless. No price tag can be set on strength, flexibility, mobility, power and focus. These things impact every aspect of our lives, whether we’re aware of it or not.

In Conclusion – Six Degree Flow Is A Fantastic Investment

This is an honest review from an experienced practitioner of Six Degree Flow. I stand by the program’s revolutionary approach to health-first fitness. It has transformed my life for the better by restoring my flow. I am reviewing the program here so that others can enjoy the benefits of practicing it.

I hope you have found my review helpful and that you take action to secure your own copy of the program. You can try it risk-free for 60 days. If you’re not satisfied by then you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked. So you’ve got nothing to lose.

I wholeheartedly invite you to try Six Degree Flow out. It’s pure gold.

What do you think? Does this sound like something for you? Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or opinions!

To your wealth and success.

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6 thoughts on “Scott Sonnon’s Six Degree Flow – An Honest Review”

  1. Thank you for your post. It is a timely article for me. In the corona era, I generallly sleep late and get up late. I feel dizzy most of time. I know that there is something wrong, but don’t know what. After reading your article, I now know the reason is that I am lack of exercises.

    I like your description on My experience with six degree flow. It is so nice to hear your personal experience on this. It is amazaing to see that it has radically improved your life in every aspect. The list is so long and I am definitely impressed by the effectiveness of the program. I am going to join the program now.

    • Hey Anthony. The corona era has driven most of us to near the brink of insanity. Sorry to[removed]void(0) hear that it has impacted you in the way it has.

      Glad you’re trying out the program! It’s like nothing else out there. Take time with it, be patient with yourself and you’ll love the benefits.

  2. The importance of being able to activate the internal biochemical, the neurological as well as the physiological processes makes life so much better.  But to do this and also bring about the state of flow sounds like a well rounded and planned program that will have you feeling so much better very quickly.  I love feeling healthy, balanced and fit. Exercising and being active just for fun are so much easier in this flow state. 

    Congratulation for finding a program that works all these areas to bring up your fitness levels.  When the mental levels are as hight as the physical level, your life can be so much more enjoyable.  

    Thanks for introducing a program to achieve these benefits.  I am not sure if this is for me at this specific time, but I appreciate having heard about it and had a chance to learn how to help myself. Sami

    • Hay Sami. Thanks for taking the time to read the article. I hope you gained something from the experience.

      Even if the program isn’t for you now, it’s always good to know about the options available to us. Maybe one day you’ll decide it is for you. Who knows?

      All the best,


  3. As a senior, I am experiencing new aches and pains.  As well, I notice my flexibility is becoming limited.  I found your article very interesting.  I do Tai Cheng a couple of times weekly which helps but I have been looking for something that can supplement this.  The description you have given for the benefits you have found makes me want to research a bit more.  I am going to research the “6 Flow” program, but I have bookmarked your article so, if I decide to buy it, I can through the article. 

    • Happy that my article provided you with value!

      Doing more research sounds like a good idea. Six Degree Flow is the program I use, but there are many other programs designed by Scott Sonnon available. They’re all intelligently designed. It all depends on what you enjoy doing. Because when you enjoy something you’re more likely to do it regularly.


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